Charvin Water-Soluble Pastel Painting Sticks


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The Charvin company has created a pastel stick perfectly suited to both wet and dry sketching techniques. Charvin Water-Soluble Pastel Painting Sticks are highly pigmented, vibrantly colored, lightfast, semi-hard pastels ideal for dry or wet drawing and painting. The convenient square shape is great for creating sharp lines as well as shading large areas as well as detail work. Dip the pastel in water to create smooth, saturated lines; sketch on pre-wetted paper for soft color lay down, or draw dry and wash over with water for blended effects — the possibilities are limitless! Perfect for use either in or out of the studio and the ultimate travel medium, Charvin Water-Soluble Pastel Painting Sticks are the ultimate versatile medium for any artist, whether drawing or painting!